Troubled By Candida?

June 12, 2012

The first thing you need to do is check your water. Drinking reverse osmosis water causes fungus which can turn into candida overgrowth.

90% of the bottled waters go through a reverse osmosis process. For more information on the best bottled waters,  follow this link Bottled Water Ok To Use. Bottled Waters For more information about reverse osmosis follow this link. Little Known Facts About RO Water

Through our research and testing, we have found various products that when taken together can help give relief to people with Candida by promoting a healthy digestive system balance.

If you thought that you needed to follow a restrictive diet of no carbs & no sugars while fighting Candida, follow our program and see for yourself  or whether you can have small amounts of carbs & sugars. It will depend on the severity of your Candida overgrowth.  Your body will tell you what to do.

Try our program today! Your body will thank you!   Our 30 day package includes: 2 Inner Garden 3 Rest Easy 3 Yeast Probiotic 2 Neem leaf

These products work synergistically with each other better and faster than any other remedy that we have tried.

“I had a mild case of Candida.  Within a week of taking the above products, I felt better, and over the next couple of weeks I felt really good, but continued to take the products.  When I went back to my natural doctor 5 weeks later, I was clear of Candida!  I didn’t change my healthy diet or eliminate all sugars and carbs!  I just took  the products and I was handled! ” –Cathy Kao


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