How to mix Winston’s Super Energy Booster

  1. Pre-mix the Calphonite 1-2 tablespoons and the old-fashioned Cod Liver Oil 1-2 tablespoons in a glass for 1-2 minutes until the two are completely mixed and creamy. This is a vital step as you’re creating a new compound that your body will need in order to repair or maintain cells. In addition, you will not receive all of the benefits without this THOROUGH pre-mixing.

2.  Now you can add the remaining ingredients into the mix:

a. Inner Garden™ – 1-2 tablespoons

b. Lewis Labs Brewer’s Yeast – 1-2 tablespoons

c.  Or desiccated liver tablets for those who have Candida issues or are allergic to Brewer’s Yeast.

d. Acerola Cherry Powder – 1 level teaspoon = 180mg

e. If one is not feeling good you can use more Acerola power 1-10 teaspoon. (In one particular study, natural vitamin C was 148% more effective than the synthetic form. And it stayed in the test participants’ systems longer)

f. Fulvic Acid – 1-2 capfuls

g. In addition to the Cherry Powder you may add Ester-C, which is a non-acid form of Vitamin-C. This is particularly important for those who have an over acidic system. Sometimes the Acerola Cherry Powder may be too acidic for those who have acid reflux or an over acidic body.

  • For those who need recovery assistance, such as post injury, post surgery, pregnancy, post-birth, broken bones, loose teeth, bleeding gums, etc.
  • h. New Addition! Carlson Vitamin K2 –Menatetrenone 5MG x 9 capsules = 45MG (High Therapeutic Dose)
  • i. New Addition!  Carlson Vitamin D2000IU x 5 capsules = 10,000 IU (High Therapeutic Dose)
    3. Add some juice of your choice or yogurt, mix and consume.
  • Super Energy Smoothie!

Additional ingredients that you can add.

To Winston’s Super Energy Booster, you may add rice bran, fruit juices and protein powders such as Stabilized Rice Bran, Stabilized Rice Soluble, Whey, desiccated liver tablets, Raw Eggs (organic, farm raised ONLY).

Please NO SOY! No Soy Protein powder or Soy Lecithin as this contains 500% excess female estrogen and 2-25% MSG (Mono Sodium Glutamate) and high levels of Fluoride and Arsenic.  (See

I always recommend farmers to grow soy in order to remove toxic fluoride and arsenic from the soil. Do you think such a plant could be good to eat?

  • Additional ingredients:
  • Take 1-2 bananas, or any other fruit, and throw them into the blender.
  • Add coconut milk preferably the Kara Santan Kelapa-murni brand (it is a thick cream FAR LESS WATER!), or Thai kitchen brandÔ – these are common brands that do not have preservatives or other unwanted materials. (READ THE LABEL PLEASE!) They also consist of 18-24 % fat, which is a high-energy source, anti-fungal, hormone balancing and a vital hair rejuvenating material. (Pure coconut oil rubbed in the hair will significantly increase the health of hair roots)
  • Add ice
  • Add small amounts of water or juice

Note:  If you leave the smoothie in the refrigerator overnight, the Inner Garden™ will start to ferment and will remove any of the lingering cod liver oil taste and odor.

I personally mix 7 doses at one time (Just a to f items only), cover them up with a cellophane wrap and place them in the refrigerator.  Then when I ready to consume it I add the fruit, juices, water and other materials later.