Inner Garden

June 12, 2012

Inner Garden Inner Garden TM Probiotics A natural multi-family & multi-specie probiotic that promotes proper digestion. Did you know that you DO NOT DIGEST THE FOOD YOU EAT? Neither do plants, or animals. We all depend on soil-based microorganisms to help us to digest our food so we can absorb the resulting broken-down sugars, starches, and minerals, etc. Because we are no longer a society who grows all their own food in backyard gardens, we do not get an adequate supply of microorganisms to help replenish the naturally occurring probiotics in our guts. Even certified organic food has been washed so thoroughly that the amount of the soil-based microorganisms are greatly reduced, requiring supplementation.

3 oz. Travel Size – Fits perfectly in your carry on!

16 oz. – Economy Size – Perfect for people on the go!

32 oz.Best Value! Great for Families



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