Meet Winston

Winston Kao – Founder

I have a background in Chemistry, Biology, dentistry and have extensive knowledge dealing with agriculture, nutrition, water and soil-based microorganisms. I have created many products for man, animals, plants, septic tanks, rivers, lakes, and oceans. I work with the most basic common denominator of life. Whether I am dealing with a tree, an animal, or a human body, the basics are the same. It is the foundational simplicities of nature that make my products stand out from the rest.

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2 Responses to Meet Winston

  • Dear Winston,

    It looks like I have mold issues.
    I do have the tickle in my throat and the coughing going on when I get new known sources of mold.

    It has been lingering and slowly improving for me for the past 5 months. I think it will be gone soon, now that I know it is mold that is causing it.

    What do you suggest?