How I almost Died

Hi, I’m Winston Kao. I’d like to tell you the story of how I almost died, bit first I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself, and how by almost dying, I created a product that can help you!

I am a very passionate researcher and innovator in the field of nutrition, water and agriculture. I have always wanted to grow way above average nutrition-dense food that would have out of this world flavor. That was my dream as a kid.

Like most people, I detest the fake food in the typical supermarkets. We all know intuitively, that most of this commercially grown food is super low in nutrition and super high in pesticides and herbicides. Of course, we can spend 3 to 5 times the cost for “certified organic” food, which is at least grown without toxic pesticides and herbicides. However, the nutrition levels are only slightly better than the commercial stuff. Not exactly, fair exchange in my opinion.

I observed that the wealthiest country in the world had the highest rate of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and cancer. Every flu season ten of thousands come down with the flu and colds with regularity. Hardly anybody seems to be able to escape the infection. My Ah-ha moment was realizing that this is an obvious symptom of very poor immune system across the entire population. Just about everyone’s immune system is compromised and is operating way below optimum survival.

Now, I’m going to tell you how I almost died. In 2005, just before going as a volunteer to help Hurricane Katrina’s flooded homes with non-toxic microbial methods, I started an experiment to create a tonic to help strengthen the body’s immune system, so it could better resist a super bad bug that could ravage a large population. After I started my first brew, I decided to go and help the Hurricane Katrina survivors.

In New Orleans, I went into homes that had been under the water anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks. I saw mold growth up to some 6 inches long, hanging from kitchen ceilings and bedrooms.

After two weeks, I went home. I was a little sick, but got over it. Then I went back to New Orleans for another 2 weeks. This time when I came home, I was quite sick with the “New Orleans dry cough.” Later, it mutated into a bad sinus infection and then again into a viral ear infection. I went to the doctor and he told me that antibiotics would not work, but that I had better figure out something to handle the virus! Because if the infection moved from my ear… it would go to my brain! And that would be “game over!” What! What do you mean game over!?! You mean I’m going to die?!!!!!! The doctor nodded his head and left the room.

I went home and took the antibiotics he despairingly prescribed and they did nothing for me, just as the doctor had predicted. I wondered what could I do, as my head had started to ache unbearably! Then I remembered my experimental tonic to strengthen the body’s immune system.

As I took the first dose, I thought, “Well the world will either see my obituary, or they will hear about my new tonic.” And, since I’m telling the story, you can see I’m not dead!

The magical tonic that I created was originally called Rest Easy™, though we’ve since renamed it Turbocharged Turmeric™. I didn’t know it at the time, but further experimentation uncovered this side benefit: The turmeric in the brew had other properties that I was not aware of – like balancing hormones.

As you know, hormones regulate our bodies to have more energy or to chill out and go to sleep. With the high estrogen pollution in our environment, many of us are in a state of estrogen overload.

I discovered that the fermenting of turmeric with probiotics in my tonic intensified the high antioxidant levels, as well as the hormone balancing properties, which in turn helped people with energy, but also with sleep!

When it was time to sleep, Rest Easy™ helped turn the metabolism down, and when it was morning, it helped turn up the metabolism. Hence the same product could help us with more energy during the day and a high quality restful sleep at night, while helping with inflammation, allergies, and the immune system.

So, if you need to build your immune system or if you need more energy or help with your allergies or inflammation or just a good night’s sleep, try Turbocharged Turmeric™.