The Nine Predators Stalking Your Health

October 19, 2017
The Nine Predators Stalking Your Health

The enemies of health today are like jungle cats – stealthy, persistent and ready to pounce without warning.

Nine “most-dangerous-tigers” may lurk in the shadows of your life. Eliminate them before they eliminate you…

Don’t fall prey to the tigers. Learn to spot them and knock them off, one by one!

Here they are:

1. Antibiotics
2. Antacids
3. Chlorinated & fluoridated water
4. Refined sugars
5. Processed foods
6. GMOs & Pesticides
7. Painkillers
8. Stress
9. Environmental pollution

While each of these predators wears different stripes, they all share one thing in common:

They damage or destroy your most precious resource: your ‘microbiome’ – the symbiotic community of micro-organisms in your digestive tract. Without your microbiome (also known as your ‘gut flora’), you could not digest food, elminate waste or have healthy immune system.

  • Antibiotics kill healthful gut flora as well as the targeted bad guys. This creates imbalances that let things like candida (yeast) to run out of control. Besides antibiotics prescribed by the doctor, you’re exposed to antibiotics every time you eat factory-farmed meats and dairy products. Shoot the tiger: Eat organic!
  • Antacids are chemical solutions to an over-acidity problem. Natural probiotics are a far better solution.
  • Fluoridated and chlorinated water act like antibiotics and damage gut flora. Most bottled waters are reverse-osmosis waters (which are acidic), hence drinking bottled water is not a solution. The real answer is to get an effective water filtration system.
    Refined sugars feed the illness-causing bacteria, yeast and parasites. Eliminate sugars as much as possible, especially soft drinks.
  • Processed foods tend to feed ‘bad’ micro-organisms and starve ‘good’ ones. Also, many processed foods contain preservatives that attack the gut flora, weakening the entire system. Eat whole, unprocessed foods instead.
  • Genetically modified foods (GMOs) and pesticides used on such crops are even more dangerous than the above. GMOs contain proteins that are completely foreign to our bodies, which then have allergic and inflammation responses. Further, the artificial DNA in the GMO foods can be incorporated into the gut bacteria, altering them, with unpredictable consequences. Pesticides, herbicides and anti-fungal chemicals are also very toxic and hard on the body. Cancer can be a result. Eliminate GMOs and chemicals from your diet: Go organic!
  • Painkillers can damage the gut lining and cell membranes, allowing harmful bacteria, undigested food particles and more to enter directly into the bloodstream causing allergies and disease. Use natural painkillers.
  • Stress reduces oxygen levels, impairs digestion and can unbalance the gut flora. Do all you can to get your life and environment under enough control to reduce your stress level.
  • Environmental pollution contaminates air, water, food and even the electromagnetic fields with which we are surrounded. This impacts the gut flora and reduces health.
  • Get an ozone-ionizer type air filter for your home. You can even find units suitable for automobiles. Turn off all electronics when you’re resting. Also invest in electromagnetic shields for your cell phones ( makes a good one, also check out

To ‘re-charge’ the microbiome and help bring it back into balance, I have always relied on my Rest Easy™ or Inner Garden™ probiotics. In the case of a serious Candida situation, I would use the Candida Relief™ approach, which I developed from many years of observation and experience.

Do what you can to improve in each of these areas and enjoy greater health, energy and longevity!

Winston Kao,
Natural Plus Plus