The Truth About Mass Shootings (Hint: It’s Not the Guns!)

October 4, 2017

The Truth About Mass Shootings
[Hint: It’s Not the Guns!]

I created my products and founded my company on one key principle: An uncompromising commitment to TRUTH. To help anyone, to improve any scene, we must face-up to what IS, without making arbitrary assumptions, taking others’ word for it or just ‘feeling’ our way along.

The recent tragedy in Las Vegas, a horrible, evil event to be sure, could lead to a far, far greater disaster if too many in the government and the population simply REACT to it, and start chasing after false ‘solutions’ that don’t correct the real CAUSE.

A friend relayed to me a brilliant and sobering analysis of Las Vegas and other mass shootings that’s so spot-on that I felt it my duty to share with you. Our freedoms and our very lives may be at stake here; we owe it to ourselves, our families and our communities to wake up and to take action now: